Post-publication news, magazine stuff, starting this up again (again)

February 2022

E-bikes, The Future, Silliness, Story/Backstory, Icelandic Nazis

January 2022

"Real paintings based on my descriptions of fictitious paintings inspired by his real paintings."

December 2021

An excerpt of my novel, a couple short pieces, a 👋

July 2021

Here to there.

February 2021

New essay. Book deal. Mulling what to do with this thing.

June 2020

Hi all, Greetings from my couch, where I’m sitting “recovering” from having my TDAP vaccine updated so I don’t give our baby––due any day now––whooping…

March 2020

Hi all, For the last two weeks I’ve been reading and interviewing dozens of thinkers who focus on crises and their relationships to politics/history…
Be my virus pen pal?

November 2019

Hi all, In my last letter, I speculated that I might soon write more about cars. Well … it’s happened. For the New York Times Magazine––this Sunday’s…

October 2019

Still at it.

February 2019

Hi all, It's been a while, and I have some pieces to share. They deal with: - lessons on police torture in Chicago public schools - "populism" and what…